Guided Group Work

Guided Reading

In the first instance, if you require further clarification or support with guided reading or writing approaches and strategies please don`t hesitate to contact me.

There are a number of files below which exemplify a possible schools’ approach to guided reading. The pro-formers in the 2014 and 2015 files are aligned to the previous curriculum orders but which I include here in case there are elements which you may still wish to use.

The 2016 file includes pro-formers for the current curriculum.

You will find materials for EYFS and KS1 for both guided sessions and whole class. They are intended to keep colleagues focussed on either word recognition or comprehension and inference. They can form part of a teachers strategy to support teacher assessment in varying contexts, over time and can be linked to the current 2016 ‘Interim’ and Pre Interim’ pupil statements for the end of KS1.

There are also materials for KS2. Teachers in Year 3 and 4 may also wish to use approaches and strategies for year2 depending on whether they have pupils who have been assessed as ‘working towards the expected standard for year2

As mentioned, don`t hesitate to contact me if you wish to develop ‘guided’ at your school.

 Guided Reading Presentation for Teacher CPD Whole Class Reading – Year 1 and Year 2 for the development of
Comprehension and Inference
Guided Reading – Year 3 and Year 4 support Comprehension and Inference
EYFS KS1 Guided Reading- Reception supporting word recognition
Guided Reading – Year 5 and Year 6 support Comprehension and Inference
EYFS KS1 Guided Reading- Year 1 supporting word recognition
EYFS KS1 Guided Reading- Year 2 supporting word recognition
Teacher and pupil presentations from Gosforth Park First School
Guided reading EYFS Presentation
Guided Reading in Key Stage One Presentation
Guided Reading KS2 Presentation